What should I bid? (September 2015)


What should I bid? (September 2015)

The best submission for September came from Margaret Foster. She wins a voucher of $30 funded by TBIB, toward any purchase made at the Bridge Shop or Paul Lavings Bridge Books.

Board 2, Round 7 of Swiss pairs, Alice Springs
Dealer East, I am West. NS vul, we are NV

My hand:


West North East South
 3 Pass
4  5  All Pass

Should I have bid 5 spades?
My partner’s hand was

We got plus 200 but according to Deep Finesse and one opponent, we could make 5 spades. On a trump lead this could be difficult.
At this vulnerability, I thought my partner’s hand may not have been as good.
Also, I did not think I had the defence to double.
Perhaps my partner could have opened 4 spades at this favourable vulnerability?

Hi Margaret,

I would bid 5 – before deciding whether to bid or not in this situation, you should always check to see if you have enough defence in the event that the opponents compete to 6(!), as we don’t want to bid 5 as a sacrifice, and then a further 6 as a further sacrifice! On this hand, I think with the values in our red suits, we probably have enough to beat 6, therefore I will compete to 5.

Bidding 5 has two things going for it – it can either be a good sacrifice against the opponent’s vulnerable 5, or even better, it might be a makeable contract!

Whilst it’s true that partner might’ve opened 4 with her actual hand (I would, but you might prefer conservative preempts), but weaken partner’s spades to, say, KJ10xxxx, then 5 is looking like it will be a profitable sacrifice.
You are right that you definitely should not double 5 for penalties – you can’t even be sure if a spade trick is cashing, so if the choice was only between pass or double, I would definitely pass.

Kind regards,

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