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Requests for Players’ Opinions

From time to time the Management and Tournament Committees request opinions from players.

Australian Women’s Team Selection

The ABF is considering alternative methods of selecting the women’s international team. The consultation paper Australian Women’s team selection considers 6 options. Please read and send any feedback to womensplayoffdiscussion@abf.com.au by 2 March 2018.

PDF File Australian Women’s Team Selection

Bonus for PQPs earned in Partnerships

The Tournament Committee seeks players’ opinions on proposed changes to the PQP rules. As proposed in this consultation paper PDF File Paper on PQPs for pairs, the current rule for entering the playoffs that discounts by 50% PQPs not won in a unit with another member of the proposed team would be revoked. It would be replaced by a modified rule that doubles PQPs won when playing with the partner with which you enter the playoffs. These proposed changes would help strengthen partnerships, a recommendation from the International Player Performance Committee.

Please send any feedback to playoffsdiscussion@abf.com.au before Monday 12 June.

Length of matches in Seniors’ Playoffs

In the recently concluded playoffs the matches in the open and women’s playoffs were 128 boards.  In the seniors’ the matches were 96 boards. The ABF is seeking feedback from all players (especially seniors) about the length of matches in future seniors’ playoffs. Please complete this form PDF File Seniors Playoff Questionnaire Document File and email to playoffsdiscussion@abf.com.au.

Players Charter

The Playoffs Charter contains information about and the rationale for the format and timing of the playoffs. It also covers related issues such as security.

PDF File Playoffs Charter

The Tournament Committee welcomes feedback on the Charter; please email this feedback to playoffsdiscussion@abf.com.au.

International Team Performance

The Player Performance Survey is now closed. We thank everyone who completed the survey for taking the time to participate. The information will be used to assist the International Player Performance Committee in developing recommendations for consideration at the ABF mid-term meeting in November. If you did not get a chance to complete the survey, but would still like to provide feedback, please contact Kim Frazer at kim.frazer@bigpond.com.

The International Performance Committee is conducting a survey in August to assist in formulating its recommendations to the ABF. The survey is targeted at current and former State Team players with realistic prospects of playing on a national team in the next five years, and current and former National Team players and National Team non-playing Captains.

ANC Open and Women’s Butler Pairs Championships

The ABF Tournament Committee (TC) is seeking player feedback on the format and length of the ANC Open and Women’s Butler Pairs Championships.  In 2016, in response to declining entry numbers and concerns about whether the format was equitable, the format for the Women’s Butler was changed to match that of the Seniors’.  Separately, the TC is aware of growing dissatisfaction with the current format of the Open Butler.  Please let us know what you think of the format and length of these events by completing either or both of the questionnaires available here.  Please email your responses to playoffsdiscussion@abf.com.au by 31 July.  After comments have been considered, the TC will make a recommendation to the ABF Management Committee (MC) for implementation at the 2017 ANC.

PDF File Open Butler Questionnaire Document File

PDF File Women’s Butler Questionnaire Document File

If you have a contribution to any topic please complete the Player Requests Form.

Player Liaison

The Player Liaison Committee was established by the ABF Management Committee in 2003 to act as a contact between that organisation and the bridge playing public.

It is the duty of the PLC to gather the opinions and criticisms of member players and Affiliated Clubs and to make recommendations to the ABF on the basis of these opinions.

Consequently any feedback concerning the efficiency of ABF administration should be voiced to this body and can be done so on the Player Liaison Form.

The present Committee is:

David Morgan (Chairman)
Nye Griffiths
Jane Rasmussen

If you have feedback on any general matter please complete the Player Liaison Form.